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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bart and Amy's Wedding

I'm very grateful to Bart and Amy for getting married on October 14 because otherwise I would have been home watching the Mets get spanked by Jeff Suppan. Instead I was enjoying ice cold Bud after ice cold Bud served in a wine glass. This might be my new favorite way to drink beer. The six or so ounces stay super cold while you drink it and there's no schwag to deal with.

Pre-ceremony, I had a lot of nibbles from the snack table, including crudite, babaganouj and cheese. The crudite included asparagus and radish, which was a nice touch you normally don't see. Normally, I'm not much of an eggplant fan, but I do enjoy a nice smokey babaganouj. Amie P. made combo bites with quartered figs and crumbly blue cheese on bread.

We didn't know much about the wedding eats, except someone heard from Bart that there be no chicken. That turned out to be true. Instead, we were served tender slices of roast pork and rare roast beef, the latter which came with a deliciously creamy horseradish sauce. Sides included green beans with crush almonds, a medley of roasted fall vegetables (beets, carrots, turnips, mushrooms), and roasted red potatoes. There was also a tasty penne in a cheesey sauce with zuchinni and sun-dried tomatoes. I placed a pat of butter on DMR's plate for his roll, only he ate it with a single bite, thinking it was cheese! I think JW Flood thought his butter pat was cheese, too. Silly boys. I got seconds and needed the rest of the night to fight it off. Thank goodness the Jackson Five was played, so I could get my dancing feet a-going.

I was too busy taking photos of the placecards to take a photo of my food. I think Amy has the nicest handwriting ever!!!

Well, here's a photo of the clean plate club. That's DMR listening to the game on his rinky dinky radio.



Blogger China-Latina Chowhound said...

I love roast beef with horseradish sauce. That's how they serve their prime rib at Walker's.

Yeah, that lady Amy really DOES have nice handwriting.

October 19, 2006 5:46 PM  

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