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Monday, October 02, 2006

Bacon-O-Meter 10/2/06

I don't know how it happened, but I haven't posted a bacon-o-meter update in nearly 3 months. Granted, I have been taking a bit of a bacon break and not cooking it at home.

Number of strips: 2 loose strips, plus many on burgers, in potato salads, mixed green salads, cream puffs, etc... so I will give an educated guess of 6 strips
Comments: I think the only time I have loose strips of bacon in recent months was at the Great Jones. DMR ordered bacon cheese burgers twice in a span of 5 or 6 days and graciously gave me one of the strips. What a nice husband! There have definitely been additional bacon cheese burgers - like one from Bonnies with Canadian bacon and one from Stone Park, where they forgot the bacon and brought it in a seperate dish. For Jim Flood's birthday, Sarah Sarah Sweet Little Rock and Roller made her delicious potato salad which is rife with chunks of bacon and I ate a ton of that. On Saturday, MM made cream puffs with bacon. At first I tought he had used bacon drippings as the fat in the batter, but no, upon taking a bite, I learned there was a piece of bacon resting on the inside! And finally last night at Union Hall, I was a salad scavenger, eating some of Skippy's leftover salad, where there were lots of bacon bits hiding under the greens!
Total count from April 26, 2006: 63.75



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