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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Today's Lunch: 'wichcraft

I like Tom Colicchio even though sometimes he came off rather assy on Top Chef. I've never eaten at any of his culinary ventures which is surprising considering I love sandwiches. Not that he's all about sandwiches, but sandwiches are what I'm all about! The ordering system is a little too techy for little ol' fashioned-me. It's all automated via the interweb and a co-worker who dared to order via the phone once never got his food!

Today was definitely a soup kind of day, but just soup is never enough for me, unless it's something hearty like an Asian noodle soup. So I went with a ham, butter and avocado baguette to go along with my potato soup. The website insisted it was potato-cheddar, but I didn't really taste any cheese at all. Didn't matter cause it was super tasty and I loved the pair of rosemary breadsticks it came with. My sandwich was lightly toasted on a panini grill so that the bread was crusty but not too sharp as to cut te roof of your mouth. I am a very big fan of rusticy Frenchie sandwiches like this as long as the ingredients are of good quality, as they were here. I would have been fine with just ham on a buttered baguette but the avocado was in nice creamy contrast with the saltiness of the ham.

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