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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Skippy and Cortney Get Married and We Get Stuffed!

This year we had four weddings and three were conveniently located in Park Slope. The 2007 circuit came to a conclusion with the union of Skippy and Cortney at the aptly named Union Hall. Of course with these two in charge, there were delicious foodstuffs to be eaten.

I'm not exactly sure who catered the event, but I heard it might have been Ditmas Park's the Farm on Adderley, a restaurant high on, if not at the top of, my to-eat list. Guests were greeted with drinks and snacks seconds after entering. The bartenders churned out Pimm's Cups and Bloody Marys, the latter featuring lots of produce - celery stalks, cornichons and spicy pepperoncinis - which is how I like 'em. We also noshed on stuffed dates and crostinis with pulled pork and pickled onions before the ceremony began.

After quite possibly one of the best, if not the best wedding ceremony I've witnessed, the spread appeared! There were plates of cheeses and charcuterie and various salads, including a warm chickpea salad which may have featured some bleu cheese. Throughout the night, more plates appeared. Shell-on shrimp poached in a butter sauce! A sauteed dish of squid and potato! Yummy brussel sprouts!

And there was a taco fixin's corner. A big bowl of stewed beef was flanked by smaller bowls of finely diced red onion, cilantro, sour cream and flour tortillas.

Here's the plate I made glowing in the candlelight. Of course I went up for seconds, especially since new dishes were being rotated in.

Then it was time for desserts - mini key lime pies and delicious cupcakes. Dan and I split one of each, but then later in the evening I had another cupcake all by myself.

Congrats Skippy and the People's Cortney!!! I hope you're eating lots of plate lunches, SPAM musubi and poke in Hawaii!

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