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Monday, May 01, 2006

Tonight's Dinner

Met up with Papper, Zach Attack 2006, Ian, Vino, Commissioner Phil and Adrienne at Slainte (Bowery between Houston and Bleecker) to take my Adult ADD to new, uncharted territories. I simultaneously watched the following games:

Yankees 3, Red Sux 7
Red Wings 3, Oilers 4

V. unhappy with both outcomes. At least for the you know who-nees there's always tomorrow. Wish I could say the same for the team from Motown.

While both of my teams were still on top, I scarfed the following:

Crispy buffalo wings - Not very spicy, but great fried chickeny texture. Blue cheese was super tasty, but really, isn't it always?
Irish Breakfast - Irish pork sausages, Irish bacon, black & white pudding (I don't really fancy this, so I said 'thanks, but no thanks'), two eggs (over easy) and french fries. I order this 100% of the time I eat at this establishment. It's just that good. Although, once Youthlarge and I both ordered this and got upset tummies afterward.

Beverages consumed - 2 Smithwick's Ales (buy one, get one pints from 5 to 8)

I really like this place. It's great for Sunday afternoon football brunch. Though, I did watch the 2004 returns there, so I have the one bad association. Saw too much red, got sick to my stomach and went home.



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