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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tonight's Dinner

Went to Marvin's to see one of the best episodes of Battlestar Galactica yet and to catch up on some Gilmore (OMG! Jess was wearing a t-shirt with the cover art from Dinosaur Jr.'s Green Mind on it UNDER his BLAZER. The one with the little girl smoking a cig!). He cooked me a delicious dinner which consisted of the following:

London Broil - Marinated in soy sauce, garlic powder, onion salt and black pepper. I ate like 8 slices. I feel funny now. I got some au jus on his stain resistant tablecloth, so I just wiped off the stains as if I possessed magical powers. That tablecloth of his REALLY works.

Baked Potatoes - Before putting them in the oven, Marvin stabbed the potatoes with a fork and slathered them with canola oil, kosher salt (we both agree - too much salt) and black pepper.

Thanks Marvin! Next time I post about dinner at Marvin's I'm hoping it will be about the rib roast currently residing in his freezer.........



Blogger heathalouise said...

You two are inspiring me to actually cook something instead of relying on my staples of Mexican, salads and cheesesteaks. (Mikey is working all week, so I'm flying solo.)

Although, I did make some tasty burgers with a recipe I got from the Target website of all places. YL, you'll be pleased to know that we used Niman Ranch for the bacon.

May 01, 2006 10:17 AM  
Blogger China-Latina Chowhound said...

Hey HM! Long time no see or hear. Keep on cooking and eating! I want a cheese steak from the City of Brotherly Love. Eat one for me. Tell M to eat one for me too.

May 01, 2006 3:13 PM  

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