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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Last Night's Dinner

MM's Birthday BBQ - First of all, mazel tov to Mike for cruising around this planet for three dozen years! OK, here's what I ate:

1 chicken sausage w/ fresh cilantro (one of my purchases from Trader Joe's on 04/28)
1/4 of aforementioned sausage (Took one bite and then dropped it on the ground. Felt shame and remorse.)
1 1/2 pieces of yummy smoked beef sausage (purchased by Youthlarge at the Union Square Farmers' Market)
1 turkey dog (Youthlarge was nice enough to split the top of the dog for me and stuff it with white cheddar cheese. I then placed it back on the grill, bun and all, to melt the cheese a bit. Heaven.)
1 bite of Youthlarge's bratwurst (which she split the top of and then stuffed w/ potato salad! Pure genius!)
3 pieces of skinny, but succulent sausage in some sort of pinwheel formation! (brought by Dave N. I don't know where he got it, but I plan to find out.)
1 scoop of potato salad containing bonus bacon
1/2 slice of cold bacon (the bacon was truly meant as an accoutrement, but I ate it as a 'main' anyway. Sort of gauche, I admit.)
4 potato chips w/ potato salad on top (one was actually a little sandwich w/ potato chip 'bread')
3 gummy worms
7 or so wasabi peas

Beverages consumed - 3 Harpoon Hibernian Irish Red Ales, 1 Hoegaarden, 2 Yuenglings



Blogger youthlarge said...

you exhibited much self-control with the potato chips. ate the following:

1 bacon cheese burger with lettuce and tomato
1/4 of a chicken sausage with fresh cilantro
1 piece of smoked beef sausage with a chunk of cheddar
1 brat with potato salad
1 small nibble of the pinwheel sausage from ceriello's
a lot of potato salad and potato chips
about 4 gummi worms
1 half piece of extra bacon
1 hibernian red ale
1 stella
1 small cub of pepsi with lime (gross)

May 01, 2006 11:51 AM  
Anonymous Mike M said...

What I learned from our first public BBQ, you can never have too much bacon on hand. Next BBQ expect 3x, the bacon.

May 01, 2006 5:06 PM  

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