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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Today's Lunch

For lunch today, I went down the street to the 5th Avenue Epicure, similar in fashion to those delis on steroids that populate this area of the Flatiron. The Epicure offers pre and made to order sandwiches, pasta, protein + 2 sides, make your own salad and a lovely selection of soup. I thought I might be in a soup mood, so I got a sample of the potato chedder (of course the fattiest soup they were offering today i'm sure). It was delicious, but I opted against it and instead got two pieces of rolled up spinach and cheese lasagna which my eyes first thought "how skimpy" but in the end turned out to be just right. Their pasta and "entree" dishes comes with a side salad I really like. It's really basic, but they cover all the bases: lettuce, grape tomatoes, carrots, red cabbage and a cucumber ring (seeds hollowed out). Balsamic and oil was the dressing of choice. Actually if I had one complaint about the Ep, it would be that they have a weak selection of dressings.

p.s. i think someone in my office is eating sardines again!



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