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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Last Night's Dinner (sorry so late!)

Last evening, three dear friends descended upon us New Yorkers, so we went for a gigantic feast at Great Neck (Bowery and Bayard, C-Town, NYC). Unfortunately, one of the friends, Klara, got a migraine on her flight from Cairo, so she missed last night's deliciousness, but she'll make up for that at dinner tonight!

People in attendance: Kieran (Ted's friend from CT), Brendan (Ted's other friend from CT), Ted (just back from living on a boat in the Bahamas for the last few months - lucky bastard.), Nate, Big Eli (just back from Cairo, husband of migraine ridden Klara), Sus, Newell and me, the CLC.

What we ate:

2 orders of duck rolls - Succulent pieces of duck, flowering chives and mushrooms rolled up into a crispy spring roll. Very close to fried perfection.
1 order of Three Jewels - Roast Duck, Roast BBQ Pork and Soy Sauce Chicken. Always delicious.
1 order of Salt Baked Shrimp - Similar to the aformentioned, a Great Neck staple - always delicious.
1 order of Singapore Mai Fun - Yellow curry repeats on me, so I always skip this one. EVERYONE else seems to really love it though.
1 order of Roast Duck Lo Mai Fun - This is the noodle dish I insist upon ordering every time because I cannot eat the Singaopre Mai Fun.
1 order of sauteed baby bok choy - Usually one of my favorites, but last night it seemed over-cooked and frankly, limp.
1 Sandy Pot Casserole w/ Oysters and BBQ Pork - Immense oysters. WHERE do they get them? Positively bursting with flavor. I love this dish and always get it when Ted is in town.
1 order of Chinese Flowering Chives w/ Sea Bass - Eh. I like this dish, but I don't LIKE LIKE it.
A second order of Three Jewels - After devouring the last of the oysters, we decided we were still sort of hungry and needed just a little more deliciousness before heading out.

Drinks wise, most of us had Tsing Tao. Always tasty and refreshing. Afterward, we went back to Chinatown: the Apartment, where we met up with Sudmann (my roommate), Betten and Mike W. Had some Yuenglings. I tasted a Nutty Bar (Sudmann's evil temptress) for the first time. I really liked it's wafery goodness. I should steer clear of Nutty Bars until the end of days. A great night - sharing delicious food with friends I love.



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