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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Last Night's Dinner: Biscuit

Ok, technically Friday night's dinner. We're a little behind here these days.

Anyway, we had set ourselves up to be mildly surprised by Biscuit, the new Park Slope restaurant in the former Night and Day space that is a resurrection of a simiarly named place that had a short run Flatbush Avenue before closing recently. I didn't love Biscuit, but I do love bbq and like so many others, am desperate for a halfway decent place in the neighborhood.

We started off with a plate of deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are not really hard to make, and make delicious! These deviled eggs were boring. On the dry side and not even close to the ones from S&C's Halloween party which were a million times better! On this menu, they are referred to as Huevos Diablos, which I really couldn't understand. Was it meant to imply spiciness or something Mexican about the recipe? I sure didn't taste it.

I had noshed earlier in the evening at Applewood (dirty onion martini and a shared domestic cheese plate - thumbs up on both, esp. the martini) so I wasn't super hungry. I still went with a quarter rack of ribs with 2 sides - choosing mac and cheese and french fries. I had asked if I could have deviled eggs as my side seeing as how they were the exact same price as ordering a side a la carte, but was denied.

I thought my plate had a generous portion of food. The fries were skin-on and cooked to golden brown perfection - they were the best part of the meal. The mac and cheese was a tad on the bland side (there I go with the salt again), but good enough. A couple of the ribs featured a nubbin of tender meat with a lovely smoke ring but they were also kind of fatty. The meat on the other ribs was sparse and cooked to much lesser success.

Dan went with the Braggin' Rights Brisket sandwich. It came with a side of rough cut slaw which I traded my fries for. I love the slaw, Dan does not. I added a squirt of the house mustard sauce to the slaw for extra tang. As for the brisket, we can both say without hesitation that it was some of the worst either of us had ever eaten. Maybe even the absolute worst. It was grey. It was gnarly. There was nothing worth bragging about this pile of tough, rubbery , flavorless meat. It was awful. How long was it even cooked for? How could they be serving this we wondered. You couldn't even chew through it! Horrible.

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Blogger Listmaker said...

down with biscuit. that place is so bad. the last time i hated a place so much was that record store on 7th ave in park slope called soundtrack. i was so happy when that place closed. i will dance on the grave of biscuit when they close.

you didn't mention the rude service. wow, this place sucks.

November 21, 2006 8:41 PM  
Blogger ivanomartin said...

It has always been a pet peeve of mine when restaurants give quirky names to dishes, such as "braggin' rights brisket sandwich." If the brisket sandwich is good, it will brag for itself. Always reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons in which Moe opens the theme restaurant--"Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag."

November 22, 2006 1:04 PM  

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