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Friday, July 07, 2006

Misc. Block Island / Shelter Island Eating (Part 2)

More on Saturday, July 1st

I was already starving upon arrival at the party. Unfortunately, the pigs I saw spit-roasting as I walked up the driveway weren't ready to be served yet, so I half-heartedly noshed on some crudite as I chatted with Lauren, her cousin Peter and Julie Fanelli, who I went to grades 1-12 with in good old Montclair, NJ! I believe that Julie's grandfather invented Fun-Tak, which means that most people who went to college probably have some sort of beef with him because half way through the semester their freaking Steve Vai poster fell on them as they crammed for mid-terms, or while watching My So Called Life.

Anyway, I got wind of a griddle your own deliciousness situation and headed over to investigate. I was overcome with joy to find a griddle placed over a pit of charcoal, wooden skewers, a large tray of beef cubes marinating in oil and various spices, another large tray of venison cubes in the same marinade and yet ANOTHER tray of cubed swordfish and tuna marinating in what tasted to me like Soy Vay teriyaki sauce. In case you are not familiar with Soy Vay's products, they make very tasty kosher asiany sauces and marinades. I like to call it Jap JAP, because you know, I'm wrong like that. So I quickly grabbed a skewer and put three beef cubes on it and then grabbed another skewer and loaded it up with two pieces of swordfish and one piece of tuna, alternating of course. Because I do not have a very strong work ethic and am incredibly impatient, I preferred griddling the fish. Since I like my fish super rare, it only took a minute or so to cook and man, was it ever delicious! But don't worry, I griddled plenty of beef cubes as well. For some reason I bypassed the venison altogether. Not sure why though as I do actually like the stuff and don't really have any strong feelings toward Bambi either way.

Suffice it to say, I spent most of the evening at the griddle and when I stepped away for a bit, I felt strange and off-balance and felt compelled to resume griddling. I became a clandestine griddler. I would be mid-conversation and then lie and say I needed another drink or had to use the ladies' room, but really I was sneaking off to the griddle! I got two stains on my shirt from griddling and subsequently scarfing the fruits of my labor. My relationship with the griddle was taking over my life. I started to worry that the griddle would break-up with me for being too clingy. The only substantial break I had from the griddle all evening was when they opened up the main food event, which was three long tables covered with all sorts of picnicy salads (in addition to your standard mixed greens and slaws, there were lots of orzo and pasta based salads), rolls, cornbread and gigantic trays of barbecued lamb, beef and PIG. What did I do to deserve such a happy day? Here's what I ate:

- Some sort of salad with romaine, tomatoes and shredded parm
- Southwesterny salad with orzo, black beans, cilantro, diced tomatoes, diced yellow peppers and chopped red onion
- Macaroni salad with tunafish
- An incredibly small slice of cold spinach quiche
- Two slices of lamb
- Three slices of beef
- Many tong-fuls of succulent shredded pork and lots of crunchy pig skin

After I finished my plate, I snuck back for more pork. Then after the fireworks, which were amazing by the way, accompanied by the ingenious commentary of Lauren's dad (after one especially beautiful firework, he exclaimed 'take me home tonight!'), I went back for MORE pork! Then we sat on the porch, drinking, chatting and spying on Lauren's fourteen year old cousin, who was in the hot tub with a thirteen year old girl named Mackenzie. He almost kissed her like eight times, but he never managed to seal the deal. It was so frustrating to watch! But then again, maybe we shouldn't have been watching in the fist place! Periodically, I would leave the spying and conversation to return to the evil temptress that was the griddle. Then around 1:00a, Lauren's cousins Tom and Peter and I all decided that it was time to eat 'leftover' pork sandwiches. I put yummy horseradish sauce on mine. Oh, and lots of delectably fatty pig skin. We retired around 2:00a and woke up just seven hours later to continue our journey to the core of all that is delicious.


Blogger youthlarge said...

i hated that oily blue residue that fun-tak would leave on my r.e.m. and they might be giants posters.

July 10, 2006 10:50 AM  

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