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Friday, June 09, 2006

Another Misc. Memorial Day Weekend Eating Pt. 3C

Fuck! I was nearly complete with this entry when Firefox crapped out on me. Why does that always happen? Now I have to try to recreate the entry and I know it won't be as good as the original.

So I figure it's time to wrap up this baby, seeing as how it's June 9th already. Shoot, I'm really totally defeated right now. I hate losing entries! Anyway, apparently all the crab rolls we stuffed our faces with at the wedding didn't sate our crustacean fix, so we decided to make our last meal in Bar Harbor a lobster dinner. Former groom-to-be, henceforth known as Mr. Jessie or Ye Ol' Ball and Chain (just kidding Weasel, luv ya!) suggested a place on the water near the boats that take you whale and puffin watching. Somehow we missed the signs and thus wound up at a bi-level joint called Stewmans.

It was still pretty nice out when we sat down on the upper patio level, but soon after, the sun began to set and the winds picked up and it was super cold. I spotted a couple of heating lamps but Stewie never turned them on, instead leaving patrons shivering at the picnic tables. My napkin was blowing all over the place, as was my lobster bib. Beth, Bowles and I all opted for the Ultimate Lobster Experience, which came with a lobster, duh and potatoes, corn, steamers, a cup of chowda and a slice of blueberry pie to top it all off. DMR opted for the lobster roll since he does not like to eat food that requires work (ie, cracking, shucking, peeling, hammering, slurping, etc...). My funny husband told me he didn't like lobster prior to our trip to Maine last summer. But of course, once he had one of the infamous lobster rolls from Red's in Wiscasset, where no cracking is required, where the meat is picked out and overflowing from a toasted top split bun, it was determined he really doesn't mind lobsters at all. I'm sure he'll chime in about this in the comments section. The verdict is still out on steamers. I love my cherrystones and littlenecks, but sometimes I found that little extended portion of a steamer really off-putting.

To begin with, our table ordered something called the three cheese lobster fondue. I had a very clear image in my mind of what this would be - namely, little chunks of lobster to dip into piping hot melted cheese. Instead we got a paper cup filled with a cheese blend with barely discernible lobster flavor and fiesta chips to scoop it up. Not at all what I was expecting, but I still ate it.

As mentioned in the other entries of this series, this was the first busy day of the new season so service was a little erratic and the servers not really polished yet. We asked for some malt vinegar and got a confused stare back, along with a "balsamic?" But the next server we asked (who seemed more of a seasoned pro) knew what we were talking about and brought some over.

In my original draft of this, I remember typing something about how quickly Bowles inhaled his lobster, but can't remember the context. He was done before Beth and I had even started on our second claws (we both saved our tails for last, I noticed). Anyone know what all the white stuff is? I know the green stuff is the tomalley (or liver) and the red stuff is coral (or roe), but what is all the sorta foamy white stuff. It reminds me of shaving cream.


Blogger China-Latina Chowhound said...

Give me that lobster. If I ever trick anyone into marrying me, I think I would like to have a down east lobster bake at my wedding.

June 09, 2006 3:38 PM  
Blogger weasel said...

Stewmans is owned by Satan*, hence the dodgy service and lack of attention to your comfort. It is pretty hard to scew up a lobster though, so they concentrate on bad service and obscene pricing. Sorry I didn't give you better directions. The white stuff is called "yet another part of a lobster Jessie's mum will eat while nobody else-even lobstermen- will touch it" and you should ask Bowles what he said the clam syphon reminded him of the first time he had one.

(*A very litigious millionaire owner of a large east coast hotel company who owns 6 or so big hotels in town, whale watching boats, restaurants, condos, etc and is intent on ripping the heart of Bar Harbor out and replacing it with a Disney Maine experience. He even sends his employees out on golf carts to ride on public highways between his properties, creating the image that Jessie's home is one big resort property rather than a real town. Bah.)

June 10, 2006 6:44 PM  

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