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Friday, May 19, 2006

Today's Lunch

Snack Taverna (Bedford and Morton, West Village, NYC) with Lauren.

Hold on to your hats everyone, because I think today's lunch may have been the very best lunch I've had thus far in 2006! I'm dead serious. Here's what I ate:

1 glass of Karyda - Naoussa, Xynomavro, 2001 (red) - Perfect compliment to my lunch, which I will delineate shortly. Like, right now.
Avgolemono Soup - Traditional Greek chicken soup w/ lemon, egg and orzo. I've had this soup at a number of different places, but I have to say, Snack Taverna's was the best. It was even better than the Avgolemono at Pylos (East 7th between A and 1st, East Ville, NYC), and I seriously adore that place. The balance between the lemony goodness and the chicken stock and was truly glorious. The harmonious union of tangy and savory. Perfection.
Seared Lamb Salad - A perfectly cooked (v. tender) lamb kebob served over watercress with roasted peppers, FINGERLING potatoes (I heart these), red onions and shredded Kefalotyri cheese. If you've ever met me, you know that I am a real meat and potatoes kind of girl. You also know that I'm a big fan of the cheese. Also, I'm not so into the 'greens' in a salad, so the fact that this salad just had crispy pieces of fresh watercress in it instead of pesky bits of lettuce made this the best 'salad' ever!

Afterward, Lauren and I went for Chinatown style massages on Christopher Street. The perfect ending (not happy though) to the most delicious lunch of 2006 (thus far)!



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