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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today's Lunch

My first day of freedom. Klara stopped by Chinatown: the Apartment to pick me up and then we walked over to V-Below, which is actually named Doyers Vietnamese Restaurant (Doyers between Bowery and Pell, Chinatown, NYC).

We both ate:
Fried Wontons - Airy and delicious. I like to call them Pillows from Heaven.

CLC ate:
Beef Dice w/ Onions over Fried Rice - This is a new favorite of mine at V-Below. The beef dice are super juicy. I also like that they are called 'dice'. Oh, and it's served over FRIED rice, which I love, as opposed to regular rice, which I find to be blah. AND it came with a yummy lemony black peppery sauce.

Klara ate:
Shrimp w/ String Beans in Spicy Black Bean Sauce - The spicy black bean sauce is a V-Below staple. Solid.

Afterward we walked around and ended up buying some more delicousnesses at Jacques Torres (Hudson and King, NYC). Definitely beats being a desk jockey.



Blogger youthlarge said...

i could go for some beef dice right now. also i find it funny you will eat fried rice, but not regular white or brown rice.

May 10, 2006 11:35 AM  

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