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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Last Night's Dinner

So, yesterday was my last day with my company. Even though I am glad that I don't have to work there anymore, I'm still a little upset that I got the old heave ho, so last night I definitely wanted to eat some fried chicken for dinner. At first I was thinking Mama's (East 3rd Street and B, NYC), an East Village bastion of solid comfort food deliciousness, but I was in the mood for someplace a little more sit-downy. My dining companion, Mike W., also noted that it might be too crowded. So we decided to go to Old Devil Moon (East 12th Street between A and B, closer to A, NYC). En route to dinner I said to him that we'd probably run into this girl Meredith whom he used to work with sometimes at Alt Coffee who is also a waitress at ODM. And sure enough, we did! She was our waitress and seemed pretty psyched to see us, and when I say 'us', I really mean to say Mike, though she was super friendly to me too. She brought some yummy cornbread with honey in the middle over to the table and we totally scarfed it. I was STARVING. We looked at the menu (they got new menus - really pretty handcrafted woodwork type front covers. each one is different and unique.) and decided to share the following:

Ribs with mac and cheese and slaw - The ribs were extremely tender and were practically falling off the bone. The mac and cheese was hearty and delicious and had some yummy breadcrumbs sprinkled on top. The slaw looked great, but it had a lot of red cabbage in it so I didn't eat it. I really like the way red cabbage tastes, but it totally repeats on me, so I always skip it.

Chicken Fried Chicken with mashies and slaw - Completely satisfying. A cure-all for whatever ails you, mentally or physically, unless of course your physical ailment is obesity or some type of heart condition, or actually lots of stuff comes to mind now, but I think you know what I'm saying. It was sublime. Absolutely smothered in creamy white country gravy..... Back to reality - skipped the slaw again.

To drink, we both had Wolaver's pale ale (organic from Vermont). Refreshing, but not as light as I expected.

Meredith was super sweet and comped us the beers. She also told us that she got into a little altercation with Henry Rollins recently at Cakeshop (Ludlow between Stanton and Rivington, NYC). Apparently he was in there with a camera crew and she yelled to him 'Sweetheart, get in the van!' and then he was irately like 'you trust fund baby hipster!' Ha! Oh surly Henry Rollins! I spent the next few minutes laughing and stretching my neck out to make it look more like Henry Rollins' neck. It sort of hurt though.



Blogger youthlarge said...

I could go for some Mama's fried chicken and mash tonight. I miss Mama's and ODM. : (

May 09, 2006 5:33 PM  
Blogger China-Latina Chowhound said...

Let's hit Mama's soon. I love their fried chicken, mashies and mac and cheese.

May 10, 2006 12:20 AM  

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