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Friday, May 12, 2006

Last Night's Dinner

Yankee Stadium with Newell.

Yankees - 3
Red Sux - 5

I was waiting in line for the following when Matsui fractured his left wrist:

Chicken Fingers w/ french fries - Surprisingly fresh and tender. In fact, the best chicken fingers I've ever had at the Stadium. My only beef with them was that the packaging of the BBQ sauce they came with was really shoddy. The top of the container wouldn't tear off cleanly.
1 bottled water - The previous night's bender made me totally dehydrated, so I was trying to avoid the sauce, hence I skipped the normally requisite beer.

Last night Newell was a victim of sexism and was forced to check his rather small messenger bag, even though they were letting in women with much larger tote bags. One of whom I noticed was carrying a huge Red Sux tote! Anyway, during the top of the second, Newell went to get the following:

2 Hot Dogs - The hot dogs actually turned out to be chicken fingers w/ french fries. Apparently, the hot dogs were looking a little 'sorry'.
1 24 oz. Fosters - I love beer, so I ended up drinking about a third of it, despite my aforementioned attempts to avoid the sauce yesterday.
1 Lipton iced tea - For me.

Despite the loss and the Matsui injury, it was a great time. I won two bucks off of Newell on silly bets, Bernie looked great in right (aside from the one blip) and Bubba totally rocked it.



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