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Friday, May 26, 2006

Another Last Night's Dinner: Lobster Night

Lobster Night at Chinatown: the Apartment (Division between Bowery and Market, C-Town, NYC) with Sudmann, Robo and Betten.

Last evening Sudmann got the idea in his head that it would be really good for us (emotionally, physically, possibly even spiritually) to go see a midnight (technically 11:59) showing of X-Men: The Last Stand. I suggested that we have a nice family dinner beforehand. I further suggested that this family dinner feature everybody's favorite bottom-feeder: the LOBSTER! So I called up Robo to feel him out on the idea. Not only was he game, but he was also smack dab in the middle of lobsterville (there are always lots of places to procure tasty, live lobsters on Centre around Grand and Hester). As it turned out though, due to the latish hour, Robo ended up having to get the lobsters on Grand and Forsythe. So, here's what we ate at Lobster Night:

Bok Choy - Sauteed in olive oil with garlic. (prepared by Robo)
Pan Fried Potatoes - Cooked in a wok with lots of olive oil and liberal (very) dashes of black pepper, white pepper, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. Some salt too, but not quite as much. (prepared by me, the CLC)
4 Glorious Lobsters - I sprinkled some kosher salt into the water while it was boiling. Once the water came to a hard boil, Robo and Sudmann placed the lobbies into the pot. Sad, but mainly YUM.
Accompaniments - Lots of delicious drawn butter and lemon wedges. (also prepared by Robo)

To drink we had some Brooklyn Pennant Ales and a bottle of J. Lohr Arroyo Seco Chardonnay (2004). Vino was courtesy of Betten - thanks! Both complimented the lobster quite nicely.

After the obvious gluttony that ensued, we were all really amped to check out some Phoenix rising action. Man, Class 5 mutants really scare the living daylights out of me. They're just so powerful......



Blogger youthlarge said...

lucky! lobster and xmen III. right now el duque just said "i'm happy" on the tv and it made me think of when his 1/2 brother told us, "i feel so exciting"

May 26, 2006 7:23 PM  

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