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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

SXSW - Day Four and Five

March 14
Las Manitas - Trip 3

chilquiles verdes

chilaquiles verdes shot 2, with cantaloupe aguas frescas and cinnamon coffee

High Places @ Emo's

Iron Cactus

queso! sadly, this was cold and watery.


tofu bibimbop with lots of fresh, crunchy vegetables. the kkochujang was surprisingly fiery.

Best Wurst Stand

a bratwurst with onions and kraut after the kill rock stars showcase signals the end of my sxsw.

March 15
Salt Lick Annex at Bergstrom International Airport

my flight was delayed a couple hours due to mechanical failure. i ate half a brisket sandwich.

brisket sandwich (view 2)

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