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Friday, August 10, 2007

Does this mean no more Bubba Burgers?

Via Grub Street:

The greatest hamburger mystery of our time has been solved: We have it from a high-level source near the situation that the location of the long-awaited sequel to Shake Shack is Citi Field, better known as the new Shea Stadium. (Citi Field is currently under construction; it will be finished in April 2009, in time for opening day.) And that most definitely is not all: The Union Square Hospitality Group also plans a Danny Meyer sit-down restaurant there. (We’re waiting to hear back from Meyer on both of these reports.) As for the new Shake Shack, well, if you thought ball games resulted in long lines to the bathroom …

This has potential to be really, really great. What I'm worried about though is who is going to man the station? While Shea easily outperforms that other ballpark in New York when it comes to variety and quality of food served, the food service workers are slower than slow. The set up is illogical and it couldn't be more inefficient if they tried (well, actually....).

Since I don't eat the dogs that have been stewing in the steam case, I have to go to a stand and order from there. Here's how it usually plays out. Place your order with the food service worker (FSW). Oh, it's already the bottom of the first and hot dogs are not ready? Ok, find another stand. Place order with FSW. FSW then goes to put on rubber gloves. FSW walks to get the hot dog bun out of the plastic bag. FSW then struggles to split the bun. FSW comes back to you and asks, "You wanted a hot dog, right?" FSW over to the hot dog grillers and gets a dog. FSW starts talking with another FSW. FSW then put the dog in paper holder. FSW is about to ring you up, oh wait, FSW gets distracted and walks away. So close! FSW comes back and can't remember what you ordered. FSW finally rings you up. FSW takes your money. FSW eventually gives you your change. FSW has taken 5 minutes to put a fucking hot dog in a fucking bun.

Getting a burger at the Shake Shack is an ordeal (with delicious payout, however), after typing out the hot dog retrieval process, getting a burger at the Shake Shack at Citi Field might be something I have to stay away from.

Yesterday I went to the Mets vs. Braves with work and it was the first time at Shea for everyone in my department but me! I steered my meat-eating coworkers to the Mama's stand, which was a big hit. Thank god the sandwich was good because the game left me wanting to throw up.

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Blogger Paul said...

OK, maybe I'm just a philistine, but what is the big deal with Shake Shack? It's difficult for me to imagine that the burger is good enough to justify waiting on that line. By the time you can even see the shack you could have walked to Corner Bistro, ordered, eaten, drank 2 beers and walked back to Madison square.

August 10, 2007 7:21 PM  
Blogger youthlarge said...

It's a very good burger, but definitely not worth waiting an hour, even a half hour, in the baking sun. When I worked near Madison Park, we'd wait for an overcast, gray day to hit up the SS. The line would no doubt be short. There's also a Shack Cam to keep tabs on the line.

August 10, 2007 8:40 PM  
Blogger youthlarge said...

Oh wait, I should add that by the time you see the Shack you'll maybe be 10th in line behind the all the white hats at Corner Bistro angling for a table and ready to get their drink on!

August 10, 2007 8:41 PM  
Blogger Listmaker said...

the food service at shea always amazes me with their new ways to fuck thing up.

August 11, 2007 12:34 PM  

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