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Friday, July 27, 2007

It Crawled from the South Part V: Fourth of July Memphis Style

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with some Korean barbecue? But first, a trip to Hernando, MS, to visit the Velvet Cream with DMR and Amie P.

The Velvet Cream is a tiny little shack with a huge menu and no tables or seats. You step up to the counter and place your order and either eat in or on the car.

I got a cheeseburger with the works and tater tots with melted cheese. The burger was nothing special, but the tater tots were an awesome crunchy and gooey mess. I loved the way the cheese was evenly draped over the potato nugget treasures. Amie P. got a vanilla snow, which was a delicious shake meets slush combo and Dan got a strawberry Sprite. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I was very wary of this strawberry Sprite. I was afraid it'd be Sprite with a couple pumps of strawberry syrup. I was terribly mistaken. The SS turned out to be a Sprite with real strawberries muddled into it! Granted, they were frozen, but I was really impressed by this. Also impressive were the t-shirts worn by the workers. DMR went up to get a Girl Scout Samoa Shake and wound up meeting the owner. Turns out they were out of t-shirts, but more would be coming in the next day. He said to stop by and we'd get free shirts, only we couldn't because we'd be leaving town! How's that for bad luck! Velvet Cream, if you read this, can you send us some shirts??? Also, please send us a snow shake. Yum!

Then it was back to Memphis for some grilling! Here's Sam getting ready. Sam is 1/4 Korean and 100% good times. Rumor has it he was a little nervous about having a Korean (that'd be me) try his LA kalbi. Pish posh! It was good stuff.

Hot Tub threw in some wood chips with the coals which gave the meat a really nice smoky flavor.

Out from the smoke emerges yours truly two- fisting High Lifes!

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Anonymous CH said...

I work at Velvet Cream. Send us your address and sizes and I'll see if I can't get you some Velvet Cream T-shirts. or

October 23, 2007 5:32 PM  

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