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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Friday Night's Dinner

Went to the Dos Caminos on Park (between 26th and 27th) for my friend’s 30th. I’ve been meaning to try this upscale Mexican place for a while, so was excited to learn that was where we’d be dining. For the most part, the food was pretty tasty, but I found the overall experience to be sort of mediocre. The earpiece clad army of hosts/hostesses were a little over the top and self-important, while our waitress was just sort of jerky seeming, though she did not do anything in particular until we asked for the check (we had to ask twice, the second time she simply responded with a sarcastic thumbs up). But we all know what a service snob I am (if you know me and have actually broken bread with me, you know that this could not be further from the truth, but my partner in eating and I seem to have gotten a bad rep for being sticklers for crazy things, like getting what we ordered).

Anyway, we started with two orders of guacamole – one spicy and one of medium heat. The spicy guacamole was delicious. They make it fresh to order for you at the table in a lava rock pot thingy, which I guess makes it seem more fun. Once the guacamole was almost completely devoured, an expeditor bought out two plates of, um, white cloth napkins? We opened the napkins and found some lovely warm corn tortillas. We asked what they were for and were told that they were for the guacamole. Mais bien sur! An accoutrement for something that was served to us 25 minutes ago! Here I go, snobbing it up again, but seriously, when a table drops $48 on guacamole, they should get everything it comes with BEFORE it has all been eaten.

For the next course, I had two empanadas - one wild mushroom (this was the tastiest thing I had, aside from the margaritas (rocks, salt)) and one roasted plantain (also filled with black beans and cotija cheese). For my main I ordered the Chipotle Barbeque Niman Ranch Pork Ribs. The tender ribs were served atop some delicious cumin braised cabbage with black beans and Mexican chorizo chili on the side. I had really high hopes for the chili, but it was totally mediocre. It wasn’t seasoned well and the chorizo was so finely ground that its presence was practically undetectable. The birthday friendo was also unimpressed with her entree, which was some sort of seared tuna dish. She thought it tasted bitter.

Oh, also, I was trying to pass one of my ribs to someone and I accidentally dropped it into someone else’s beer. Well, it was funny, and probably made the rib taste even better, but the mishap proved to be a bit messy. The beer glass had bbq sauce all over it and a lone piece of pork floating up and down inside half full glass (even in the face of adversity, I’m an optimist!). The bobbing piece of pork was even grossing ME out, and I love pork like a brother. Our surly waitress, despite several post-pork rib fiasco visits, refused to a) acknowledge the bbq sauce covered glass, or b) clear it. Weird.

So, I guess I didn’t really like this place. Maybe I’ll try the one in SoHo to see if it’s better. I’m in no rush though.

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Blogger youthlarge said...

guacamole in general is such a rip.

January 15, 2007 11:19 PM  

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