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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Asia Report #4: Glutinous Rice Stick; United Bento

Shit, I started this post on July 29 and now I have no idea what the hell United Bento is!!! Glutinous Rice Stick was another type of Dunkin Donut we tried in Korea. Oh, wait, now I remember! United Bento is the bento box meal we had on our flight from Seoul to Tokyo. Back to the GRS. What can I say but delicious. I love Dunkin Donuts in the States and I love Dunkin Donuts in Korea.

Back to United Bento. So as I mentioned on my Bibimbop, Dan and I got ugraded to business class on our flight to Narita from Incheon. This was totally glorious and my new goal in life is to only fly Business or better. You're totally spoiled. Even if it was only for about 2 hours, it was a brilliant 2 hours with our legs and feet propped up and our butts nestled in comfortable leather seats. A flight attendant came around with ear plugs, eye masks and toothbrush sets with mini tubes of Rembrandt toothpaste.

For our meal, we were given an option of a chicken ceasar salad or a Korean-style bento. Both Dan and I opted for the bento. Unfortunately the pictures vaporized from the camera, along with some other good shots. But off the top of my head, the bento box included rice with some peas and gari garnish. The main protein was a very spicy and super delicious bulgogi, accompanied by some sesame seasoned chopped baby bok choy. Other side dishes included some other marinated root vegetables and a glass noodle salad. Our dessert was a profiterole filled with a light chocolate creme. I had some club soda with lemon and green tea with my meal. I believe Dan had a Pespi as well as green tea.