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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Everything I Ate From Tuesday Until Now

Lordy begordy, Youthlarge has been posting up a storm in Korea! I've definitely been eating this past week, but just haven't been so into talking about it. Possibly because I ate french fries EVERYDAY last week. My eating habits, like my personality, are fairly manic, so I'll have a great eating week like I did two weeks ago, and then jump off the deep end the next. It's really a shame, my eating week started off so promisingly, what with the salad nicoise and all. Hmmm.


Lunch - Salad made of Boston lettuce and some spicy beef and chicken skewers I got from a guy down the street on Forsythe. Chinatown street food is truly amazing and delicious. This guy is always impeccably dressed, has a really nice wood chip grill type thingy on which he cooks skewers of beef, chicken and lamb, as well as sweet potatoes and corn. The charge for any one of the aforementioned items is a mere DOLLAR. How does he do it? I won't even get out of bed for less than a hundred.

Dinner - After sweating like a crazy manimal at boxing class, my friend Jim and I stopped at Bleecker Bar for three beers and then continued on to Bonnie's in Park Slope, where I ate a cheddar cheese burger with Canadian bacon and fries. While my burger was delicious, it gave me a horrible acid reflux attack which caused me to wake up around 4:30a the next morning. Fortunately, Independence Day was on. And yes, it IS just as good the 233rd time around. The chipotle mayo was divine. Jim had Buffalo wings. Seeing the delicious little wings crisping up in the deep fryer was too much for me to handle. It completely altered the course of my eating week - bad.


Breakfast/Lunch - Egg white omelette with turkey and swiss, homefries, no toast with a black iced coffee. I eat this exact meal all the time.

Dinner - Lobster night at Essex (Rivington and Essex, LES) with Adrienne. I ate a 1 1/4 pound lobster with corn on the cob and some yummy roasted potatoes sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning. After dinner I received a really disturbing phone call regarding an affair with a married man that I never had, which caused me to want to eat my feelings, so I ended up eating 8 McNuggs and a large fry. GROSS.


Lunch - Some Chicken Marsala, one meatball and a Limonata from an Italian grocery/deli I like on the corner of Grand and Mulberry. I've never paid any attention to what it's actually called though.

Snack - Calamari and a black iced coffee at Spring Street Natural (Lafayette and Spring, SoHo) with Abbey. I wasn't particularly hungry at the time, so I'm not sure why I ate the WHOLE thing. Ick.

Dinner - Split 20 Buffalo wings and gravy fries from Atomic Wings with Mike W. Things are getting really gross.


Breakfast/Lunch - No recollection, though I'm sure I ate SOMEthing.

Dinner - Lil' Frankie's (1st and 1st, East Ville) with Tara. I was torn between the Lil' Frankie's Salad with house cured tuna and the seared salmon served with arugula and fennel. I opted for the latter and was pleased with my choice. We also shared a nice bottle of rose, which I'm really into right now for some reason. Probably the heat. Oh, while I was eating I got to hear Superchunk's 'Detroit Has a Skyline', which was a pleasant surprise. I've actually been listening to Here's Where the Strings Come In a lot lately, so I thought it was a weird coincidence.


Lunch - Croxley Ales (B between 2nd and 3rd, East Ville) with Papper. Croxley Ales is a pretty silly place, but we needed to eat and watch the Yankee game (they got spanked 19-6). We shared 20 hot Buffalo wings (at 20 cents a wing, they were an absolute steal!) and some tasty mussels and fries. The mussels came in a nice sauce made of Blue Moon Belgian White beer, garlic and BACON.

Dinner - The Sunburnt Cow (C between 8th and 9th, Loisaida) with Papper, Big Girls, Big Girls' girlfriend Melissa, who is not in fact a big girl, two of Big Girls' friends, Chris Cram, Michelle, Newell, Ilan and Adrienne. Later in the evening we were joined by Donovan, Dutch Robert and the BROTHERS SULLIVAN! Anyway, Pappy and I shared some calamari and then I ate the Roo (that's right - kangaroo!) Bangers and Mash. I've had this before there. Roo is very tender and flavorful, not at all gamey as one might imagine.

That's it for now. Haven't eaten yet today.


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