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Friday, April 25, 2008

Work dinner at Po Brooklyn

Although it's listed on the menu, our table were served an amuse of the white bean bruschetta. It was generous with the oil and beans, but miraculously not soggy.

I shared a couple appetizers with my boss: polpetta di carne and marinated anchovies with barley. The meatballs were good, but I found the sauce overwhelming. I loved the chewy density of the barley, a very interesting and successful pairing with the little fish.

I loved, loved, loved my linguine vongole, a dish I grew up eating at the local pizzeria. As a kid, I felt exotic ordering it. You want that mixture of clam juice, white wine and garlic to coat the pasta, but not drown it. But you certainly don't want it dry. It's got to be soupy enough so you can sop it up with a nice hunk of bread. And it has to have just the right amount of parsley to provide a bite of freshness every so often. Po's super garlicky version met all the criteria. Plus there was pancetta and as we all know, everything tastes better with pork.

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