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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

cannes dinner 1: commes chez soi

Dinner the first night in Cannes was a company affair. I met my coworker Molly in the lobby of the hotel (we were the only two staying there) and walked down the Rue D'Antibes to Commes Chez Soi (4, Rue Bat├ęguier) to meet the rest of the crew. The restaurant is on one of those hidden, tiny side streets that make you forget where you are. So very European, or West Village even, I guess. Inside, it looked like someone's Jersey! The place was so ornate! There were painted vines and accoutrements throughout that reminded me of Carmela Soprano and surprise, surprise, there was a basset hound snoozing in an armchair near the bar area where we first congregated. Our hostess reminded me of a character from The Triplets of Belleville, with her exaggerated features and personality, and heavily lacquered eyelids. Come to think of it, that dog reminded me of the hound from the movie.

Plates of cod fritters were already on the table when we sat down. Our table of eleven was then presented with an amuse. It was a square piece of raw salmon marinated in olive oil, which then served as a dipping sauce for bread.

I went with the carpaccio of scallops with purple potatoes and roe to begin, followed by an asparagus risotto. Though the latter was under seasoned, I didn't mind because that just meant I could liberally dip into the tiny, adorable bag of fleur de sel over and over. Also, the risotto was really impeccably cooked with the grains of caronoli rice having just the right amount of the al denteness that I enjoy so much.

For dessert, I bounced between a trio of ice cream (including some of the most delicious mint chocolate chip ever and a brilliant dark chocolate) and some sort of chocolate bonbon flight.

And in between it all, I had a lot of wine. A lot.

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