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Monday, June 22, 2009

A Dozen Donuts

My dad brought over a dozen donuts from Peter Pan in Greenpoint on one of my last days of maternity leave. Hells, yeah.

I ate 7, I think, over the next couple days. This beauty was the first.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Taste: Blue Smoke at Citi Field

My second game at Citi Field, but first time hitting up the new fancy food stands. I had steak nachos at the previous game. Met up with Uncle Bethy at the Blue Smoke stand behind centerfield about half an hour before the game started. There was no wait at all! We hopped on line and before I had a chance to suss out the menu, I was up.

Kansas City spare ribs with pickles on the side. For $10 you get 4 ribs, which I found to be a really decent portion for a ballpark. The ribs weren't as tender as I had hoped, but this is miles and miles better than all the crap I've ever ingested at Shea, save for the Mama's sandwiches. Also, I loved the tangy, vinegary sauce that's available on the side. The only problem is that there is only one container of it for all of Blue Smoke's patrons at the condiments/napkin island. Also, the Wilpons need to add more tables to this area. It was an overcast, dreary evening and we still couldn't find a place to eat our food easily.

The fries! After seasons of mushy, cold, Nathan's fries, these fries are a god-send. For $4.75, I expected a larger portion, but then again, I think the Nathan's fries cost this much. Unlike those soggy potato strips, these fries were warm and crisp. And they taste even better when dipped into the barbeque sauce and washed down with the house ale, which costs a very reasonable $7 and change.

UB digs into one of her ribs. Next time I will hit the taqueria stand. I don't plan on Shake Shacking it up until next season because the lines are crazy long despite the time or weather.

Incidentally it was Fernando Martinez's first game! And Spongetech t-shirt night.

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Brunch in Baltimore

Fried polenta triangles with two eggs over easy, salsa fresca, house-made chorizo, tortilla and red and green chile sauce @ Golden West in Hampden with DMR, Keri, Sam and Otis. I ate one-handed as I held Sam during the meal. Otis snoozed in his car seat.

When Keri suggested this place for brunch, I was a bit skeptical because the name made me think of Golden Corral. Lesson learned, you should never judge a book by its cover! This was a whole lot of yum. A whole lot of home-made yum. And they served Zeke's coffee which was also yum.

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