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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a post partum seder!

This is my first post since these guys came along! Sorry to be M.I.A. but it's not like I've been eating out or even seeing daylight at this point. We took the boys out for brunch at Sidecar last week for their first restaurant visit, but other than that, it's been meals at home, until Saturday.

Double Trouble were the special guests at a seder hosted by Rebecca and Sean, the newest members of our bocce team. Beth aka the China-Latina Chowhound aka "she who never posts anymore" was also a host, but she doesn't live in that apartment.

DT are stirring and going to wake up any second and then I'll never ever finish this post so I'll cut to the chase.

Here are our hosts:
Rebecca, the only real Jew of the host trio. Today is her birthday and she is eating chicken wings as I type.

Sean the goyim. He helped make the matzoh balls and also busted out this amazing shirt featuring an image of his friend who bears a striking resemblance to a certain someone else!

Beth is a non Jew, but don't call her a shiksa. Here she is displaying some chicken livers wrapped in bacon. She also supplied the lovely haggadahs and tasty haroset.

I pigged out on smoked salmon with dill sauce on matzoh canapes before digging into this delicious soup. Sam had to wait a couple minutes while I took a couple bites before I fed him. You'll also notice two drinks before my bowl - my first drinks in over 10 months, save for a sip or two of beer I had in that time. The first taste of the Manhattan went straight to my head and I couldn't even finish it. We did not do any flogging with the scallions.

Dan on the other hand decided to feed Otis before eating.

A beautiful and bountiful plate with chicken, brisket, kugel and a brussels sprouts slaw. I went back to seconds which really did me in.

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