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Friday, September 28, 2007

Today's Lunch: Grand Central Oyster Bar

Today I had lunch with my boss Rob at the Grand Central Oyster Bar, which is in Grand Central Station, perhaps my favorite building in the city. We sat at one of the rickety U-shaped counters and were each immediately greeted with a plate of everything-flavored flatbread as well as a crumbly sweet biscuit-like roll. These flatbreads are so good. There's just the right amount of each seasoning portioned out, unlike everything bagels which taste like salt licks half the time.

Having ingested a large quantity of fried food (chicken hands, mozzarella sticks, wings, etc...) yesterday at an off-site work outing, I tried to steer away from anything cooked in hot oil. I only sort of succeeded by ordering the crab cake sandwich - pan fried is different, right? The sandwich was served with a side of marinara sauce but I also ordered a dish of cole slaw to top the cake with. Rob got the tuna burger, rare of course, which everyone else at our counter seemed to order, and we also shared a half dozen oysters. Although Rob asked for medium to small sized oysters, we wound up with two Belon-whatsitorother from the West Coast on our plate whose shells were the size of a City Bakery Cookie. There were also two each of Tomahawk (MA) and Kumamto (OR). Oysters are so fucking delicious. Why did I have to be a moron and never eat these before the age of 20 or 21? I lost out on a lot of oysters in my life. My father would come home with a big bag of fresh clams and oysters which he would shuck with speed and precision in our backyard for family gatherings. A dash of Tabasco sauce was the only adornment. I'm sure I was whining about how I wanted cheeseburgers or Callahan's. Haha.

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