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Friday, June 22, 2007

Jake and Lindsay’s Wedding: the final installment

A Brief Note on the Afterparty

I was just going to post some pictures, but none of the ones I had seemed really fit for mass consumption… Most of them featured generally responsible and productive humans, who will remain nameless and faceless, chugging Smirnoff straight from the bottle. So in addition to the aforementioned, the afterparty featured some amazing crazy dancing and a DIY hoagie bar. In honor of the bride’s native Pennsylvania, there were also a lot of Utz potato chips and Tastykakes on hand. Many of which were beautifully displayed in the bathroom. I was seriously craving the crab variety of the Utz, but I couldn’t find any. The next morning I was shocked and appalled to find an open, barely eaten bag of them. What a waste! I bet the person who did it also hated the caper berries at dinner…

Last Dinner on the Island

Most of the wedding guests left the day after the wedding, but Rabbi Paul, Sus and I stayed on the island for a couple more days of rest and relaxation. On the last night we went over to the Lief’s to cook dinner together. Earlier that day, RP, S and I picked mussels on the beach (can you believe that?) and bought some lobsters on the dock. Matt, who is a self-professed lobster anti-traditionalist gave us a brief consultation and decided that he should cook our lobsters with some rice and super tasty lobster stock another Matt had prepared a few days earlier. Since I am a lobster traditionalist, I was sort of looking forward to just eating them steamed and with drawn butter, but Matt’s lobster stylings were definitely delicious. I can’t deny it. We also ate the mussels foraged with our very own hands (cooked in butter and beer), salad (I think there was asparagus in it, which was a really nice touch one does not often see) and STEAK. The steak was delicious. It was procured from a butcher shop in Boston named Kenealy’s, Keneely’s, Kinelly’s or Kennelly’s. Believe it or not, this place is not at all googleable! I tried googleing it several different ways and NO DICE! Anyway, here’s some photographic evidence:

Unkosher Rabbi



Cynthia baked 800 or 1,000 of these yummy ginger snappery cookies!

This picture is not of food we ate for dinner that night. But I think it is one of the loveliest pictures from THE WEEK and a nice way to say thanks and goodbye to the wedding.

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Anonymous Rabbi Paul said...

I think it's
McKinnon Meat Market

June 22, 2007 6:36 PM  
Blogger China-Latina Chowhound said...

I don't think so Newell. They seem too commercial for the Leaves. Look at their website!

June 22, 2007 6:48 PM  
Blogger youthlarge said...

Are those gingernsap cookies actually whoopie pies? The look fantastic, like rustic devil dogs.

The picture of the unkosher Rabbi is really making me crack up because the way the person behind him is standing makes it look like unkosher Rabbi has a weird afro. Or some other sort of weird hair action. I can't stop laughing! Sorry, Rabbi!!!

June 23, 2007 7:42 PM  
Anonymous Rabbi Paul said...

No prob, YL. At this point, I'll take hair anyway I can get it.

June 25, 2007 3:11 PM  

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