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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Looks like we've been removed from Grub Street's blog roll! Oh, well. No hard feelings Grub Street. I never knew why you wanted to link to us in the first place so it was an honor while it lasted. I still love you and read you every day even though I am not a fan of the site redesign.

P.S. Excited about the opening of Umi Nom. I hope they deliver!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Taste: Buttermilk Channel

Before Beth left for her Fresh Air Fund for Adults summer in Maine (by the way, Beth is indeed in Maine but this program doesn't technically exist, although it totally should. Adults need to get the hell out of NYC, too), we met for an eagerly anticipated meal at Buttermilk Channel. This was one of my first solo nights out since the arrival of Double Trouble and just a few weeks before I had to return to work. I started with a much needed cocktail - The Fair Harbor (Gosling’s dark rum light rum, ginger beer, pomegranate & lime). It was as tasty as it was pretty.

Diners are greeted with popovers that have been lightly kissed with honey. This is genius because it satisfies the bread craving without being heavy at all. We ordered some house-made pickles and sweet potato croquettes to nibble on before our entrees.

My bacon-wrapped brook trout with an onion jam and warm mustardy potatoes with ramps. I think this meal is from late May, when the city was going gaga for ramps. There was not a single thing wrong with this dish other than it could have used more ramps. Also when my plate first arrived, I thought the portion could have been a little bigger, but it turned out to be the right amount of food.

Beth's duck meatloaf with the world's largest onion ring. I think she should chime in in the comments section with some thoughts about her meal but she's probably too busy making a macrame bracelet.

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