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Monday, October 18, 2004

Park Slope Gastronome #5 - Whatever happened to Lukas Haas?

this past weekend, the psg found themselves in amish country. the plan was to partake in the amazing maize maze, a dizzying 3-D puzzle cut out in five acres of corn. sans the psg, the maze proved to be too daunting last year. after over 3 hours of walking through the stalks of dried corn, the mission was abandoned. call it beginner's luck or what have you, but we finished the maze this year in record time. unfortunately, we didn't pick up all the map pieces along the way so that disqualified us from getting on the white board of fame.

en route to the maze, we stopped at an amish food stand, where heidi was ever so excited to see her pumpkin moonpies. i had nearly the same reaction to dilly beans, which are green and yellow string beans pickled in brine. they are simply delicious. heidi also bought a package of snickerdoodles. as we sampled the cookies in the car, liz provided us with the quote of the day when commented: "these snickerdoodles sure don't taste like a snickers bar." we'd like to think she was kidding, but she was not!

after the maze and a walk around the petting zoo, we were ready for some pennsylvania dutch home cooking. that led us to dienners where heidi and i both opted for the buffet, while liz got a delicious looking blt.

i proceeded to pile the following on my plate: rotisseried chicken drumstick, piece of ham, whipped potatoes, buttered noodles, baked lima beans, beef stew, stewed tomatoes, bread filling aka stuffing, green beans, rice, broccoli, macaroni and cheese, fried shrimp, fish stick, corn and a roll. when i returned to the table, i realized i hadn't gotten any salad so i went back and got a plate of greens, carrots, potato salad, macaroni salad, beets, cucumbers, egg salad, and some apple butter for my roll. oh, i also had a small ladle of chicken corn noodle chowder. all the hot food kind of had that same mushy cooked texture, but i loved it all. everything tasted like it was made with love, especially the apple butter and soup, and a lot of butter! i wish they had bacon in their hot food section. oh, i had some vegetable soup too, but i didn't like it too much because it was a bit sweet. i didn't even have dessert but i got so stuffed.

this was a girls only trip so dan was not allowed. i brought him home a homemade whoopie pie.

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