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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i think it's a good idea to post cannes photos before i post austin photos, right?

escargot @ le petit lardon (3 Rue du Batéguier)

assorted provençale appetizers @ la cave (9 Boulevard de la République)

tasteless steamed cod and overcooked veggies saved by the crock of aioli that
accompanied @ la cave (9 Boulevard de la République)

poire et chocolat tarte @ la tarterie (33 Rue Bivouac Napoleon)

seafood risotto @ pierrot 1 er (51, rue Felix Faure)

scallops and vegetable fondue jammy @ pierrot 1 er (51, rue Felix Faure)

three man bouillabaisse preparation for sadly, not us @ pierrot 1 er (51, rue Felix Faure)

raspberry macaron

delicious frenchie snacks!

lobster veloute amuse @ le mesclun (16 Rue Saint-Antoine)

roasted sea scallops with potato gnocchi and truffle whipped cream
@ le mesclun (16 Rue Saint-Antoine).

dourade, baked onions, parsley and Chioggia beets
@ le mesclun (16 Rue Saint-Antoine).

orange souffle pancakes, candied peel and caramelized citrus butter sauce
@ le mesclun (16 Rue Saint-Antoine)

petit fours @ le mesclun (16 Rue Saint-Antoine)

take home panettone type bread @ le mesclun (16 Rue Saint-Antoine)

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